Do you want to live to 100?
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Singapore has one of the fastest ageing populations in the world and the number of residents reaching 100 years of age is steadily increasing. Are the country’s residents prepared for the rising longevity?

What concerns people in Singapore about living longer, and what they can do to better prepare for longevity?
Only three in 10 of Singapore’s residents say they want to live to 100 and even fewer believe their health and finances are ready for longevity.

Digital for 100
Harnessing technology for longer lifespans
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Ready for 100
Preparing for longevity in Singapore
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Healthy for 100
Healthy care in Singapore
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Re-imagining 100
The pandemic’s impact on longevity
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Saving for 100
Financing longevity in Singapore
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Skilled for 100
Leveraging an older workforce in Singapore
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